Please handle your garment with care, such as you would a satin dress. All though a durable material, if treated with negligence it could start to unravel. 

Avoid contact with water and chemicals e.g. soap, perfume and abrasive products. Protect the pieces from moisture and keep away from all sources of extreme heat or cold such as radiators and windows. Remove all your jewellery before taking a shower, cleaning or going to sleep. Carefully wipe your pieces with a dry soft cloth after each wearing to remove oils and salt. Excessive sweat and chemicals could ruin your piece. Please store in a cool, dry place to minimize moisture. Preferably keep it in an airtight plastic bag. Leather and suede should be wiped clean with a damp cloth or brush with a bristle brush.

Pieces made out of steel rings only can be hand washed. Please only use water and no soap or chemicals. When rinsed in water, gently rub the rings against each other. Dry immediately after, preferably using a hairdryer to ensure the whole piece is completely dry. Sometimes washing liquid could be used but we advice to contact us for further instructions at shop@fannieschiavoni.com